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Where to Get Home Health Aide Training in Philadelphia

The home health aide field has become one of the most popular career paths in the healthcare field today. Jobs opportunities are waiting for you if you live in Philadelphia, PA. Once you get quality home health aide training in Philadelphia, you can be a part of

Where to Find Free Home Health Aide Training in the Bronx

Providing home care services as a Home Health Aide (HHA) is a great entry into starting a career in the health care industry. HHAs are clinically trained in-home health care providers, typically hired in order to provide the proper assistance needed for those who are elderly, physically

How to Get Home Health Aide Training in Florida

Home Health Aides (HHAs) offer home care services to the elderly, mentally and physically challenged, and those who have chronic or acute illnesses, in their private homes. If you live in the state of Florida and wish to become a HHA, learn how to get home health

Get Home Health Aide Training in New Jersey

If you are interested in helping others or interested in a career change, becoming a certified Home Health Aide (HHA) is a great option to look into. If you need to find home health aide training in New Jersey, there are plenty of options for you. Understand

What to Expect Taking Home Health Aide Classes

Caregivers who have attended home health aide classes are in demand in many geographic locations due to the increasing population of senior citizens requiring knowledgeable employees. A large number of elderly individuals will require assistance in their own home from competent caregivers with the appropriate home health

Get Free HHA Training in Brooklyn

Looking for free HHA training in Brooklyn? There are lots of choices to get training that will provide you with HHA education that is approved by either NY State Education Department or the NY State Department of Health in Brookyln. In addition, for HHA training programs that

Free HHA Training in NYC

Home Health Aides, also known as HHAs, provide a critical service to those who need assistance with daily living in their private homes. People who need home health care include those that are frail and elderly, physically and mentally handicapped, have a chronic or acute illness, or

Where to Get HHA Training in Ohio

With the proper training, you will be well sought after for job as a home health aide (HHA). The job market for HHAs is high in demand. The Department of Labor cites that employment of aides, either home health or personal care is projected to grow by

Where to Get HHA Training in New York

Job opportunities for home health aides (HHAs) are abundant! From a 2010 report by the Bureau of Labor, an estimated 1,878,700 positions where created or filled for people who are home health aides and personal care assistants. This fact makes it the second largest group of jobs

Differences Between a CNA and HHA

There are many similarities between the duties of a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) and Home Health Aide (HHA). Thus it makes sense why people to question how these two career fields differ. The differences lie primarily in the amount of training required and the places that they work.

What is a Certified Medication Aide?

Strictly speaking, a Certified Medication Aide (CMA) is someone who has passed the Medication Aide Certification Examination (MACE) and provides assistance to patients who are disabled or otherwise unable to entirely provide for their own health either in a hospital, home, or long-term care facility. A CMA

CPR Certification for HHAs

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is a medical emergency procedure. It is performed on people who go into cardiac arrest. During cardiac arrest the heart stops beating and the person stops breathing, thereby stopping much needed oxygen from reaching the brain. If the condition lasts more than 5 minutes,

Where to Get Free Home Health Aide Training

Home Health Aides, also known as HHA’s, are trained to provide essential home health care duties in the homes of people who are in need of daily living assistance. Prescribed to patients by their doctor or therapist, HHA’s are vital to the well-being of those who prefer