Home Health Aide Job Description

Your decision to go into the Home Health Aide (HHA) field is highly commendable! You will be personally affecting the well-being of others by assisting them with their daily life.

Though an HHA job requires a large amount of responsibilities, the personal fulfillment and satisfaction you receive from helping those who need your direct-care as an HHA are great.

The Home Health Aide job description listed below lays out all that typically encompasses this great opportunity for you to help others in their daily lives.

HHA Job Description Overview

Essentially HHAs are responsible for providing personal, health-related care for people in their private homes who may be disabled, have a chronicle illness, are cognitively impaired, or for seniors who need additional assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs).

ADLs are routine activities that people perform daily. These activities include the following:

  • Eating
  • Bathing and showering
  • Dressing
  • Grooming
  • Elimination (using the toilet)
  • Mobility

Job Duties

Working under the supervision of a medical professional, HHAs perform the following activities as instructed:

  • Implements and upholds the plan for careHHA job infographic
  • Takes and record temperature, respiration and pulse
  • Perform routine care for bathing, brushing teeth, dressing, grooming and feeding
  • Provide transport to doctor’s appointments, shopping and other activities
  • Assist with taking medication properly (under supervision only)
  • Help get in and out of bed
  • Help with mobility – getting in and out of chairs, helping to a standing position
  • Prepare nutritious meals, serve, assist with eating
  • Change bed sheets and make up beds
  • Light housekeeping such as washing dishes, sweeping floors, dust shelves, empty trash retrieve the mail, clean bathrooms, wash, dry and fold laundry
  • Provide companionship – hold conversations, play games, read aloud
  • Report changes in condition of patient or incidents to nurse in timely manner

Work Environment and Schedule

Most HHAs will work in the private homes of their patients; some will also work in small group homes.

Aides might work for one patient, going to the same home every day for months or years at a time. Others may have multiple homes to visit for varying lengths of time.

If this were the case, the aide may have several homes to visit in a single day. Therefore, is it critical to have reliable transportation for getting to each client’s home.

Personal Qualifications and Skills

To be successful as an HHA, there are a number of qualities that you should have to allow you to perform your job well. These characteristics include:

  • Maturity – both mentally and emotionally.
  • High interest and sympathetic nature – towards personally helping those in need with a concern for others
  • Strength and physical stamina – if necessary be able to correctly perform heavy lifting, participate in various physical activities, be able to stand on feet for extended periods of time, and endure extensive bending, standing and lifting on a routine basis.
  • Good communication skills – both speaking and active listening.
  • High ethics – meaning to be responsible and not take advantage of your client in any way.
  • Positive attitude – able to cheer someone up who is feeling down or sad.

Use this home health aide job description to help you determine if you have the ability to perform the job well and if you have the personal qualifications and skills needed for your patients to be happy they hired you.

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