Are you living in the Chicago, Illinois area and interested in working in the fast growing healthcare field? Consider becoming a Home Health Aide (HHA) where the educational requirements to obtain a good paying job is relatively low.

HHAs are in high demand and jobs are abundant.

As a trained HHA, you will provide your clients with various types of assistance typically in their home to help allow them to live comfortably.

Most HHA clients will be elderly and are in need extra help to live their days at home instead of in a nursing home or assisted facility.

Duties of an HHA can range greatly depending on the needs of your clients. These duties include help with taking medicine, dressing, brushing teeth, personal hygiene, cooking food, feeding, changing bandages and light housework.

To become a well-qualified HHA, be sure to obtain professional training that will help you secure the job that you want.

Home Health Aide Requirements in Chicago

The HHA career field in Chicago is regulated by the Illinois Department of Public Health. To work as a HHA, you must meet at least one of the conditions listed below:

  1. Be approved on the Health Care Work Registry – approval on this list shows that you have met the required training or equivalent requirements and that you passed a background check.home-health-aide-training-chicago
  1. Have met training requirements by successful completion of an approved training program.
  1. Can meet the equivalencies as listed below:
    • Documented current HHA registration from another state in the United States.
    • Documented completion of a nursing program which includes a minimum of 40 hours of supervised clinical experience with an accredited program – along with satisfactory completion of the nursing assistance competency test by the Department of Public Health
    • Documented successful completion from a foreign country from a nursing program – along with satisfactory completion of the competency test by the Department of Public Health.
    • Documented successful completion of a US military training program which includes Basic Nursing Assistant Training Program content.

Be aware that home health agencies cannot employ HHAs without inquiring with the Department of Public Health for information listed on the Health Care Worker Registry.

Home Health Aide Training in Chicago

The city of Chicago is home to a number of schools that provide excellent training to assist individuals seeking to enter the HHA career field.

Here we list several HHA training programs located in Chicago:

City Colleges of Chicago, Malcolm X

The City Colleges of Chicago, Malcolm X offers a Homemaker/Home Health Aide certificate program.

This program is nationally accredited by both the National Homecare Council and the Foundation for Hospice and Home Care. You will be prepared as a certified HHA upon successful completion of this program.

1900 W. Van Buren St
Chicago, IL 60612
Telephone: 312-850-7000

Career Training Center of Chicago

The Career Training Center of Chicago has a Basic Nursing Assistant Training Program available.

A total of 120 hours will give you training to learn the fundamentals of nursing and clinical nursing.

3525 W Peterson Avenue Suite T21, Chicago, IL 60659-3324
Email: [email protected]

Phalnax Family Services

The Phalanx Family Services offer a Basic Nursing Assistants Training Program which prepares you for a career in the home health care field.

The courses provided in this program will give you the skills and knowledge to be successful as a home health aide. This program is approved by the Illinois Department of Public Health.

1201 W. 115th Street, Chicago, IL 60643
Email: [email protected]

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